In this day and age having a social media following is crucial to anyone’s success, whether it be for brand awareness, sales or even just your own personal image. Whether you are a start up or existing business or even just an individual trying to improve your following. This article is just for you! I’ll give you a short and simple run down of how I got over 500 followers in just 10 days and you will be able to apply these methods to get the same results.


I never had large followings on social media growing up, nor did…


There is nothing worse than those moments where affiliate marketers or gurus such as Tai Lopez and Sam Ovens obtrusively barge onto your screen whilst you are watching the climax of a Joe Rogan podcast.

Well there are worse things, but it’s still damn annoying!

For me it happens daily and not do only do they have the audacity to interrupt my leisurely experience, but they have to rub salt deep into the wound by showboating their perfect lives and giving crazy promises about some courses they’re offering.

It’s safe to say over the years, you become distasteful of these…

Financial freedom is quite the buzz word these days.

Rightfully so, who doesn’t want to be able to earn an income that allows you to live the fulfilling life you crave and deserve.

With covid slapping us in the face like a piece of cold turkey, society has had a sudden realisation…

Having a secure job isn’t always secure. So just like an investor diversifying their portfolio, we need to diversify our income streams.

This article will break down five income streams that can have you earning money today (the last one has me earning up to 2k a day).

Investing in Defi cryptocurrencies.

The Mistake We All Make

Did you know 90% of Medium readers are aspiring entrepreneurs? Not really, I just made that up.

But it’s safe to say, seeing that you are on this platform you are seeking to expand your knowledge in the hopes of developing professionally and personally.

This article is going to give you an actionable means to initiate real change within yourself and help you achieve your goals.

There are a many forms of success and means of working towards your goals. Perhaps you want to improve your health, develop some skills, learn how to launch a business, start a Youtube channel…

Social media marketing pioneers Gary Vaynerchuck and Kerwin Rae both agree that we have 3–5 years to take advantage of social media marketing before we will be pushed from the platform.

The power of social media marketing

The benefits of social media marketing are nothing new, it absolutely trumps all traditional forms of advertising. For just $100 you can put your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of users.

Kerwin Rae mentions that he has promoted several of his videos for just $100 and as a result they have received over a million views.

There is simply no better advertising platform to get your brand…

As most of you know I finish my uni degree in a couple of months and instead of walking into a 70k/year job I am packing my bags and taking the leap.


Because there is so much more to life.

Most people spend every day look at the clock tick by, waiting for Friday to come, then once Sunday arrives they are already dreading next week. We have one life, so why would you want to spend 70% of your life according to someone elses clock?

Wouldn’t you rather have the luxury of choosing how you spend each day?

It Has Never Been Easier

As most of you know by now I specialize in digital and social media marketing.

Whilst I love the industry I am in, there is one problem, I hate social media on a personal level!

I struggle to upload posts to my personal profile, I am usually self-conscious if I upload a photo of myself, I feel annoying uploading constantly, and to top it off my ex would always tell me how fake the Instagram world is and how I was the “same as the others” for wishing to be a part of it.

Whilst to some degree I understand…

Digital marketing is one of those industries that are over populated with acronyms, making it very confusing for anyone unfamiliar or new to digital media. You have PPC, CPC, CPM, CRM, CPA, CTA, KPI, DMO, WOM, and many many more.

Most of these acronyms tend to fall under one of three overarching categories, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM).

SEO, SMM and SEM are important tools that anyone serious in developing a solid online presence needs to understand. …

My life has been a roller coaster over the last 24 months, I have had a failed start-up, launched my first business, gone through my final year of uni, been kicked out of home and ended a tumultuous relationship with my girlfriend of 4 years.

Some may say it has been a shit storm, and it has been, but I appreciate every bit of it as it has allowed me to hone in on my values and ambitions.

We Change

For a very long time I had been wanting to work on my personal brand and last year I started working on…

Today is the first day of Spring in Australia, which means Summer is right around the corner…and so is 2019.

It’s time you start working on your SEO to get the edge over your competition coming into 2019 and by following these 7 tips I am about to share with you, you will see a huge increase in traffic, conversions and SERP ranking.

If you don’t know what SEO is, I recommend you check out my recent blog post here, which explains the differences between SEO, SEM and SMM.

Improving your SERP rank is a timely process, I laugh at…

Curtis Tredway

Will I author my own reality, or will I hand the pen to someone else? I am a digital marketing specialist and content creator with a dream to go international.

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