How To Get 100 Followers a Day on Instagram

As most of you know by now I specialize in digital and social media marketing.

Whilst I love the industry I am in, there is one problem, I hate social media on a personal level!

I struggle to upload posts to my personal profile, I am usually self-conscious if I upload a photo of myself, I feel annoying uploading constantly, and to top it off my ex would always tell me how fake the Instagram world is and how I was the “same as the others” for wishing to be a part of it.

Whilst to some degree I understand where she is coming from in saying that, it simply cannot be disputed the benefits of having a strong online presence brings when building your personal brand.

Additionally, being in the industry I am in, how does it look to businesses I am pitching myself to when I promise them growth and yet my own account is inactive with very few followers?

Three months ago I started experimenting with growing my following, I did the follow/unfollow method as well as liking all of the recent pictures within relevant tags and I started gaining traction, going from 100 folllowers to 1400 in less than a month.

However I ended up copping a bit of flak, seeing as my niche was in fitness/travel a lot of the influencers I was following and liking posts were male and female models and this caused a lot of jealousy for my partner. I tried explaining over and over how I saw it as nothing more than a tool to grow my personal following and to me the “like” is just a simple button, it doesn’t mean I liked what they were uploading (and I truly meant it), yet this never got through to her.

Ultimately, I made the easy decision of choosing her and I let my account got cold turkey by neglecting it for several months, watching the numbers drop slowly from 1400 to 600.

My partner and I recently separated due to a host of unrelated issues, but now that we have, I have decided to get back to working on building up my Instagram profile.

In the past day alone I have managed to get 300 followers with less than 30 minutes of work.

The Secret Instagram Formula

My initial formula meant me spending hours each day liking recent posts within certain categories, this was a slow and painstaking process. Whilst it did get me solid growth I simply couldn’t maintain the effort it was taking.

This time around I applied a bit more strategy to it and developed Instagram’s winning formula for growth.

  1. Find your Niche and Influencers

Once you have your niche, find your knowledge and opinion leaders (KOLS). View who they are following and follow anyone who has a large following for the most part the people they follow will also share the same niche.

Doing this alone you will see a large response very fast.


This is what I wasn’t doing before. When you search for a tag, instead of interacting with the recent posts go to the featured/trending posts.

Leave thought out comments on each of these posts and watch the numbers roll in.

What I mean by this, is put some effort into what you comment and make sure you mean it. Instead of saying,

“nice photo”


“It looks like you are having a fantastic time in the Maldives, I am planning a trip there myself soon and I cannot wait!”

Note: you can also do this on the recent posts of influencers you follow.

3. Post

The icing on the cake for this formula is to post photos on your own account with hasthags related to the niche you are interacting with.

Using hashtags alone I find that you can get an average of 5–10 extra followers per post.

Instagram Bonus Hack: How To Get More Likes on Instagram

When you look at my profile you will see that I have 900 followers and yet my posts are average at around 150 likes per post.

By engagement rate standards that is phenomenal, and whilst it is organic, I don’t deem it as legit myself.

When you are doing the following three steps you will see a lot more engagement on each of your posts, but to boost it even further there is one more trick you can do.

Go to recent posts for the niche/hashtags you used and like (you can do up to 200) posts all along the feed.

Most of the people will like your recent posts in return which will boost your overall engagement rate.

My best performing posts have upwards of 400 likes, which is almost a “50% engagement rate”.

I hope this article helps you out.

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